5 Deep Frying Techniques to know

You must be wondering to know that even deep frying has some techniques and it is always good to know a few things about the deep fryer when you buy one. The commercial deep fryer that is available in the market has a lot of usages and it is always good to know the techniques.

commercial deep fryer

  • The kind of oil

Frying is completely dependent on the kind of oil you choose to fry. Be it doughnuts or potatoes, you need to remember to choose the right kind of oil to get the desired result else, you would end up blaming the fryer.

  • Check for the flour

Always check for the kind of flour you would using and it is always wise to season the flour and sew it so that that batter also becomes and the final result of the fried item that you get should be crispy and tasty.

  • Fry it as per your requirement

If you are looking for a deep fried item, then you should always fry it until is golden brown and then remove it from the oil. Shallow fry it if you are diet conscious and these things can be achieved with the commercial deep fryer.

  • Do not overload the fryer

Always remember not to fill everything at once in the fryer and when you do it, it may either stop functioning or the frying experience for you may not be so good. Hence, it becomes important to read through the manual completely before you start using the fryer.


  • Always remember to clean the fryer

After using the fryer, it is always good to clean it so that you may not find the traces of stale oil later when you start frying a different item.

These are some of the techniques that has to be understood before frying.