5 unrecoverable effects of alcoholism on the human body

Addiction to alcohol in our times is a lot more common than we like to think. It’s not hard to fathom why. Work pressure and general levels of anxiety today are higher than ever. In such a scenario, alcohol becomes a convenient crutch to rely on.

However, it is important to know what you sign on for when you give that bottle control over yourself. To gain more insight on what alcoholism is, you might like to refer to www. Stop alcohol addiction.com.

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Short term effects of alcoholism

  1. Slurring of Speech

One who relies on alcohol on a daily basis will occasionally tend to utter their words in a slurred or slow manner. This is known as Dysarthria and it can progressively get worse with time.

  1. Insomnia and sleep disruption

Alcoholism disrupts sleep patterns. Patients find it difficult to sleep during the night and instead feel drowsy during the day.

  1. Emotional outbursts

Addicts are prone to sudden emotional outbursts from time to time that maybe completely uncalled for. It is hard for them to check these impulses and keep them under control.

Depression and reduced sexual performance are also considered adverse effects of alcoholism.

Long term effects of alcoholism

  1. Liver damage

Damage to the liver due to alcohol addiction in an extreme case may lead to cirrhosis, which is a critical condition requiring the patient to undergo a liver transplant.

  1. Blackouts

Incidents of blackout are common in addicts who might pass out and not have any recollection of events.

  1. Death of Brain Cells

Alcoholism also leads to several brain disorders, arising from gradual death of brain cells over a long period of time.

Apart from the effects mentioned above, something known as Tolerance is developed by the body. This is a deadly condition where the body gets accustomed to high levels of intake, and a person doesn’t consciously realize the amounts of alcohol he/she consumes.

You can find some more discussion on the physiological and psychological benefits of alcoholism on www. Stop alcohol addiction.com.


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