Best Blogs to Follow About Art

If you are a lover of art, there are a number of art blogs which you can follow which are interesting. These blogs are usually followed to know more about the art, it’s art form, current trends, interviews with the artists and so much more. These blogs cover various art types including street art, paintings and photography.

  1. Painter’s Table : This is an online magazine which has curators, art lovers, artists as well as public in mind. In fact it caters to all who love painting. This explores different blogs which are dedicated to paintings and this has reviews of paintings and interviews of talented artists as well.
  2. Carol Marine’s Blog : Carol Marine loves painting and therefore, she decided to share her love of painting with other people. She has been creating paintings almost daily since 2006 and posting it on this blog. She is very inspiring especially for those who are procrastinators.
  3. The Painter’s keys : This is maintained by Robert Genn who is a Candian painter. On this at least twice weekly he posts and starts lively discussions. On this blog one can see links, calendars and art quotes.painterskeys
  4. Inside/Out : This is by the Museum of Modern Arts. It has features and posts regarding almost everything of the museum. This includes performances, events, art, exhibits, design, interviews with artists and more. This has videos too.
  5. Thomas Hawk’s Collection : Thomas Hawk is a photographer and has more than 100,000 pictures. He has a mission of sharing one million pictures with people. His photographs as per his confession are created lovingly and handcrafted. America is the focus of most of his photographs.
  6. Adventure Freelancer : This is the blog started by Jeff Bartlett . He is a writer and photographer and his blog is meant to inspire people to explore things. He shares usually pictures and stories regarding outdoors.
  7. Vandalog : This blog was started in 2008 for those people who are interested in street art. A lot of graffiti and stories can be found on this along with experimental visual art.
  8. Street Art Utopia : This has street art videos and photos. This is shared by people that like some street art work. These contributors are from all over the world. In this blog one can explore the new urban art trends and how the world is affected by them.



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