How can make yourself secure from online scams while buying boat?

With increase in demand of boats, lot many people are being scammed. You have to make yourself cautious and prepared. Also don’t easily get swayed away in the talk of the dealers. Have everything reviewed from your end before making any decision. Check the boating companies directory first before making any decision. Here are some the tips which will save you from online scams:

  1. If after convincing you to get the boat, they ask you to send the money in draft in someone’s hand, then its better avoid it as soon as possible. Even after talking over phone, you have to see the presence of boat physically first and never ever miss to check now hose name is the boat registered.
  2. Don’t hand over the money without getting confirmation mail and legal documents. These are all required and legal proofs that there has been some conversation between you both.

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  1. Check the payment method. Most of the reputed companies are accepting payment through PayPal. Don’t go for some other payment method which you feel suspicious and not heard before.
  2. Before organizing a meeting, check the companies name online and read about them in forums. If you feel suspicious, you can post their website details in the forum.
  3. Don’t believe in the talks of boats from the seller. Have it visit and seen personally to enquire the condition.
  4. Be aware about fraud emails. If you feel they are not professional in emails and don’t have an official email address, you can drop the idea of buying anything from them.
  5. Many fraud companies often ask to pay a different price from the mentioned price in the website in the name of shipping charges. Many of the times if the condition of the boat is not good, they try selling it in cheaper rate and give your scammed pictures. Make sure to check the name of the company in boating companies’ directory.


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