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Accounting is not just a subject. It is wider than just calculation and presentation of the cash flow of a company. It needs a lot more just good evaluation skills to be a professional accountant. Accounting has four distinct sects of specialization that deals with four different aspects of the subject. Rudy El Gabsi speaks in details about specialization in his website.

With the rapid increase in competition in today’s world, specialization is a must to find a better place. An accountant with a specialization is also entitled to find growth in the professional arena through offers of high-paying jobs in prestigious firms. There are various sources through which a person can obtain more information on this.


4 types of accounting in brief:

  • Auditing-

A branch of accounting that deals with the on-site examination of the quality or functionality. It might apply to a whole corporation or even be specific to a production stage in progress. It is a process to scrutinize all transactions recorded by the accountant in charge, to make sure they are true and precise.

  • Management accounting-

It involves the presentation of accounting related information on a regular basis. It offers advice and assistance as and when required for the enhancement of business of a firm. Advisers like Rudy El Gabsi insist on having a specialization for greater prospects.

  • Cost accounting-

It is probably the most vital domain of accounting. It is the process of monitoring the cash influx in a business in order to determine improved ways of managing it.

  • Financial accounting-

This segment keeps track of economic transactions of a company and detects any inadequacy in the system.

Nowadays there are several expert consultants like Rudy El Gabsi who can provide proper guidance to any interested individuals. This adds to boost career potential.


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