How to choose the right picnic basket?

Going for a picnic to somewhere with your loved one sounds romantic. Imagine having fun, eating something nice, enjoying glass of wine and spending time with each other. Who wouldn’t love to spend time this way? But if you have planned to go for a romantic weekend getaway, make sure you have the right picnic basket for two. So before deciding on the picnic baskets here are some of the things that have to be taken into consideration:

picnic baskets for two

  1. Size: Even though you will be only two make sure that it has enough space. Before deciding on what size to opt for, you should decide on how many people will be going. Make a list of the things you will be carrying with you. These are some of the factors that will help you in knowing the size of the basket. Lot of people have two kinds of picnic baskets one for romantic getaway and other for family outings to carry food for lot of people.
  2. Material: There are mainly two types of materials available for picnic basket. One is the polyester material that can keep your beverage and wine chilled. Another material available is the bamboo ones which are quite lightweight. These wicker ones are the most common type of baskets. But they are not suitable if you are planning to take picnic basket for two to long distance place.
  3. Insulation: Some material of baskets favors keeping food warm or cold. These types of insulated baskets have different styles and designs.
  4. Empty or full: There are options when you can either get an empty basket else you can get full basket with all the required things available already. With empty ones you have the option to take your own things. Whereas full baskets can be highly priced as it has its own set of cutlery.


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