MAVNI – The Special Program forPilot Recruitment

Mavni – Who Are They?

Mavni is a program which is offeredby the U.S. Military to recruit the eligible individuals for the Pilot job based on various criteria. The program is specifically aimed at finding and recruiting those people, who possess certain cultural skills in certain defined languages.

The MAVNI Program for Pilot Recruitment:

The MAVNI program is open to legal non-immigrants who are interested in joining the U.S Army, thereby benefit in the expedited U.S citizenship. The people in the U.S army only look for individuals who possess the skills that are in demand and hail from the one of fifty-one languages that the military has named.

Criteria for Applicants to Join in MAVNI:

The MAVNI defines certain requirements which should be satisfied by the individuals who are applying for the pilot posts in military. The requirements include criteria such as the applicants should be one of the categories of non-immigrants listed by the U.S military or should be an asylum, or a Refugee, or a TPS (Temporary Protected Status) or a DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). Other criteria to apply for the MAVNI program includes that the applicant should have resided in the U.S for a minimum of two years, and should have completed a high school diploma and should have passed in the Qualification test for Armed Forces and finally the applicant should be a major and  less than 35 years of age.

Individuals who satisfy the mentioned criteria for MAVNI and those who are interested to apply for the MAVNI program, can contact the local recruiter of MAVI to initiate the process. Contacting the local recruiter would help the person not only to get begin in the process of enrollment in MAVNI program but it also helps them to get the necessary knowledge required by the individuals for the program.

Use of carrageenan in our daily use food product

Carrageenan(also known as carrageenin) is a food ingredient, which is used for thickening and stabilizing to the food products. It is in use in Ireland since 400 AD as ahome remedy to cure from cold and cough. It is a natural thickening agent.

Different forms of the ingredient

It is found in twodifferent forms. One is food grade and the second one is degrade.Food-grade is in use from a long time of hundreds of years and approved for use in food because of its natural thickening. Degrade carrageenindoes not contain thickening properties and it is not used to mix with thefood product.

Daily use food products containing carrageenan

People may not know that most of our regularand very basic food products includecarrageeninbecause it is extensively reviewed for the use in food. For example-

  • Nuts and soy milk
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Shakes and Nutritional Formulas
  • Infant formula mixes
  • Candy
  • Ice-cream and many more food products contain carrageenin.

It is safe for health

Theexpert committee of FAO/ WHO has declared it safe and independently evaluated for food grade. Food-gradecarrageeninis a safe ingredient, and it has a significant position in food sector. So people can enjoy the food that contains carrageenanwithout any worries.

Difference between poligeenan with carrageenan

Bothare entirely different from each other each other.

  1. The latter oneis used for food grade, but poligeenanis degradedcategory and not allowed to use for food products.
  2. Poligeenan is required to be washed at 194 degrees Fahrenheit up to 6 hours. The process of anacid bath of pH1 for poligeenan is equal to battery acid. On the other side, carrageenan is washed with fresh water.
  3. Carrageeninhas thickening properties, but poligeenan doesn’t have such kind of thickening properties for thefood

Carrageenan is safe, and our food items we like the most are somewhere incomplete without carrageenan. So enjoy your favorite food containing this natural ingredient without trusting on rumors.

How to choose the right paddle board

The stand-up paddle boarding sport has been developed like anything. It is a wonderful amusement sport that nearly everyone can enjoy.It’s a superb way to get into the water, explore the nature and get awonderful workout. This sport has been developing all over the world. As soon as people get into water, the idea of having their personal paddle board just appears like the good decision to make but how you can choose the right paddle board can be puzzling. Here, we are going to mention two major types of SUPs to pick from.

choose the right paddle board

Touring and Racing paddle board

Paddle board races are developing similar to the sport itself.Basically, if you are a competitor, a super fast racing board could be right what you want. Remember that, you can forever paddle carelessly on a racing board but inside, these racing boards are intended to go quick. Long distance or Touring paddling boards will have an alike shape dependent on the idea that in case you are about to do 50-mile paddle then you maybe needs to get it done rather fast.

Surf paddle board

This type of SUP is intensely entrenched in Hawaiian surf society. The good thing regarding paddle board is that you do not require waves to enjoy it, however if there’re waves, the actual fun can start.As the rider is previously standing on the paddle board and the same is employed to push onto the wave, the SUP can hold waves much easier compared to usual surfer who must paddle by using their hands and then come up onto the board at the correct time.If you reside somewhere with waves, then you surely want to choose the right paddle board ortraditional sup or surf so you can get the best experience.



Renovate roof with latest technique

These days roofing system is very famous. Anytime you can change the shape for you roof by using the roofing service. Even you can make your roof beautiful and attractive. You can take the best advice from chico roofing contractor to renovate your roof.  Now a day there many option available to give the nice and gorgeous shape to roof. Roofing is the beat idea to enhance the beauty of your roof. Apart from this you don’t need to waste much money on this process. Roofing is available at very reliable price.

Get the attractive roof fromchicoroofing contractor

redding roofing company

If you are looking to change the design of your roof then you can choose the roofing process. It is very good process and available with latest and beautiful design. You can change the design of your roof, chico and other important area for roofing.  You can contact with the roofing contractor. After investigate all the area they will provide you all the information about the product. You can choose the design according to the latest trend to make your roof long lasting and strange.

High quality product for roofing

To make your roof strong you can choose high quality product, which will provide nice look to roof. Moreover roofing is available on cheap rate so that you can do it easily as compare to construction. Roofing takes less time because you don’t have to waste much time for it. So if you are looking to give the nice shape to your home then go for roofing. You can make many latest designs on your roof by doing roofing According to the latest trend you can change it and make it amazing. So that everyone can admire of your home. Roofing is very reliable and best to make strong and nice to your roof.


Factors to consider while buying a MIG welder

Do you have a welding company and are you looking for the latest MIG welding equipment that can join all the metal sheets at one go? Then, you need to do an extensive research to find the best welding equipment brand that is loaded with the features you are looking for and that makes your welding job easy. It is crucial for you to compare two to three welding equipment features including their pricing side by side and pick the right one that suits your welding needs. In addition, you also need to go through the top mig welder buying guide to gain some knowledge on the usage of the welding equipment. Undeniably, MIG is the quick and easy welding method to join metals and even this welding process can be mastered by any individual in a matter of hours. Using this tool, you can attain neat, accurate and smooth welding output. In addition, this helps you to carry out the welding task at a brisk pace. Unarguably, picking a shoddy welding equipment would ruin your metal joinery task. And, the best MIG welder will let you join multiple metal sheets using electric arcing.

Ideally, a welding tool is used to join aluminum, steel, stainless steel and other metal sheets with ease. This kind of welding equipment is mostly used by the workshop technicians. For home applications, you need to buy the welding equipment with 140A rating and for industrial use, you need to buy the tool that has 230A rating. You can weld from thin to thick metal sheets. In addition to reading the top mig welder buying guide, here are a few factors you need to take into consideration while buying a durable and sturdy MIG welder

Check the capacity: This is a crucial factor to consider while picking a portable or giant MIG welder. This portable welder ranging from 12 to 24 gauge will let you weld the steel sheets of any thickness easily.

Consider the Safety features: MIG welder will use rollswire to carry out the welding process. There are a few brands which keep the welding wire cool until you start using this tool. However, ensure to buy the one with this feature.

Check the quality: If you are planning to buy this welder, ensure to buy from a reliable brand to get a quality welder.

Playing the Best Video Game with Running Fred

The Trend of Video Games:

Video games which are introduced with the initial motive of serving as a pure entertainment factor, has made a giant growth and is one of the hot business that involves huge money in the market. Thousands of games are available in the play store that serves variety of interest ranging from educational to various kind of apps for productivity, or health or photo editing apps or even apps for entertainment in the form of video games. Though there are variety of video games hosted in the play store, only few of them are able to provide the gaming in an interesting and exciting way that is capable of engaging the user for a longer period of time. Running Fred is one such kind of popular video game in the gaming world.

Running Fred

Running Fred – The Interesting Game:

The concept of Running Fred is like the popular video game Temple Run, where the main character of the game who is the one called Fred, must keep running by escaping the various kind of traps that is part of the game during the running out of the level. Like all the major gaming rules, it is important to stay alive during the play of the game. The premise of Running Fred is designed after the successful design of the Falling Fred which is its prequel and like the Falling Fred, the sequel also contains the interesting traps that requires serious attention from the players to stay alive and keep going with the game.

The Game of Running Fred consist of three important modes that is offered for the players of the game to choose from. The following are the list of modes available in the game.

  • Adventure
  • Challenge
  • Endless Survival

For beginners, it is best to start with the mode of Adventure.





Best Blogs to Follow About Art

If you are a lover of art, there are a number of art blogs which you can follow which are interesting. These blogs are usually followed to know more about the art, it’s art form, current trends, interviews with the artists and so much more. These blogs cover various art types including street art, paintings and photography.

  1. Painter’s Table : This is an online magazine which has curators, art lovers, artists as well as public in mind. In fact it caters to all who love painting. This explores different blogs which are dedicated to paintings and this has reviews of paintings and interviews of talented artists as well.
  2. Carol Marine’s Blog : Carol Marine loves painting and therefore, she decided to share her love of painting with other people. She has been creating paintings almost daily since 2006 and posting it on this blog. She is very inspiring especially for those who are procrastinators.
  3. The Painter’s keys : This is maintained by Robert Genn who is a Candian painter. On this at least twice weekly he posts and starts lively discussions. On this blog one can see links, calendars and art quotes.painterskeys
  4. Inside/Out : This is by the Museum of Modern Arts. It has features and posts regarding almost everything of the museum. This includes performances, events, art, exhibits, design, interviews with artists and more. This has videos too.
  5. Thomas Hawk’s Collection : Thomas Hawk is a photographer and has more than 100,000 pictures. He has a mission of sharing one million pictures with people. His photographs as per his confession are created lovingly and handcrafted. America is the focus of most of his photographs.
  6. Adventure Freelancer : This is the blog started by Jeff Bartlett . He is a writer and photographer and his blog is meant to inspire people to explore things. He shares usually pictures and stories regarding outdoors.
  7. Vandalog : This blog was started in 2008 for those people who are interested in street art. A lot of graffiti and stories can be found on this along with experimental visual art.
  8. Street Art Utopia : This has street art videos and photos. This is shared by people that like some street art work. These contributors are from all over the world. In this blog one can explore the new urban art trends and how the world is affected by them. Destination to choose a Top Quality Carpet Cleaner

People love to have that relaxing and comfy feeling at home and using carpets at home provides that comfy and relaxing feeling. Kids love to play on the floor and hence carpet does the work of protecting them; playing indoor games with friends while sitting on the floor also gives a pleasant feeling. But cleaning the carpets is a tricky job as they get dirty easily and different fabrics make it hard for people to clean them. This is why if someone has a carpet at home, then he must have the best carpet cleaner with him at the same time, for example, Bissell carpet cleaners.

Features of a carpet cleaner:  Every carpet cleaner has a tank, suction power, brushes, lengthy cords and some extra attachments. One must make sure that there is a balance between the size of the tank and the weight of the machine. Larger is the tank more will be the weight so one must choose the tank in a way that he doesn’t need to refill it again and again but also the weight of machine shouldn’t be too bulky to handle.


There should be good extra attachments as they will help in the better cleaning of carpet. Suction power also plays an important role because the different type of dust particles such as pet’s hairs, pet’s urine, debris etc. may go deep within the carpet and there is a requirement of good suction power. Finally, a longer cord will help you to complete your work quickly without the problem of plugging and unplugging again and again. For more information go to

Conclusion: Everyone has different type of requirements and skills. So before buying any product one must review every product feature available in the market. Bissell carpet cleaners are a good range to choose from. cleanthiscarpet.comprovide us sufficient amount of information that is needed to buy the machine.