The Best Galaxy of Heroes Cheat For Galactic War

If one is interested in the “Star Wars, Galaxy of Heroes” game then Galactic War is surely a level that one would like to reach. This game remains unlocked till the player is able to reach a particular level.

After one reaches the certain level of the game and unlocks the Galactic war then he or she can actually encounter a number of fights till he or she reaches the end of the game.

galaxy of heroes cheat

In the Galactic War game one can actually use all the characters but the only catch here is that the health of the characters do not recover after a particular battle. If one wants his characters to have a good health then it is important for him or her to make use of a healer.

If one is interested to win the game then the best galaxy of heroes cheat is to improve the health condition of the characters at a time when the team of ones rival is few stages lower than that of his or hers.

If one is interested to know more about the cheats of the Galactic War game then going through the below mentioned discussion would be ideal:

  • Some steps to complete Galactic War:

The first galaxy of heroes cheat is to either tap the “Start” option or tap on the “Restart” option if one is continuing the game that he or she started on the previous day.

Then one needs to enter the first fight and then the second one. He or she should be able to easily win both the games. After this if one feels that his or her characters are having a bad health then the best cheat is to exit out of the game and then close the game app.

  • One needs to close the app:

For this one has to first tap the “Home” option and then he or she needs to quickly tap on this option twice so that the game is shut off completely.

  • Reopening the app after closing is the best galaxy of heroes cheat:

One first needs to tap on the Galactic War option and then he or she needs to enter the fight. Once anyone does then he or she will be able to get the characters back to their full strength.

If a gamer follows the cheats mentioned above then he or she will definitely be able to win the game.


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