Use of carrageenan in our daily use food product

Carrageenan(also known as carrageenin) is a food ingredient, which is used for thickening and stabilizing to the food products. It is in use in Ireland since 400 AD as ahome remedy to cure from cold and cough. It is a natural thickening agent.

Different forms of the ingredient

It is found in twodifferent forms. One is food grade and the second one is degrade.Food-grade is in use from a long time of hundreds of years and approved for use in food because of its natural thickening. Degrade carrageenindoes not contain thickening properties and it is not used to mix with thefood product.

Daily use food products containing carrageenan

People may not know that most of our regularand very basic food products includecarrageeninbecause it is extensively reviewed for the use in food. For example-

  • Nuts and soy milk
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Shakes and Nutritional Formulas
  • Infant formula mixes
  • Candy
  • Ice-cream and many more food products contain carrageenin.

It is safe for health

Theexpert committee of FAO/ WHO has declared it safe and independently evaluated for food grade. Food-gradecarrageeninis a safe ingredient, and it has a significant position in food sector. So people can enjoy the food that contains carrageenanwithout any worries.

Difference between poligeenan with carrageenan

Bothare entirely different from each other each other.

  1. The latter oneis used for food grade, but poligeenanis degradedcategory and not allowed to use for food products.
  2. Poligeenan is required to be washed at 194 degrees Fahrenheit up to 6 hours. The process of anacid bath of pH1 for poligeenan is equal to battery acid. On the other side, carrageenan is washed with fresh water.
  3. Carrageeninhas thickening properties, but poligeenan doesn’t have such kind of thickening properties for thefood

Carrageenan is safe, and our food items we like the most are somewhere incomplete without carrageenan. So enjoy your favorite food containing this natural ingredient without trusting on rumors.


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