When should you get locks rekeyed

Locksmiths often get phone calls from clients or customers asking them to change their locks. But most customers are not aware that there may be another option for them. A good locksmith would first check whether he can get locks rekeyed or whether he would need to replace the entire lock.

When do you get locks rekeyed?

When a lock malfunctions or the owner prefers a new style, only then does a lock need to be replaced. Else mostly one can get locks rekeyed and these can operate better than ever. When a lock is rekeyed, the locksmith removes the springs and pins of the lock cylinder and puts in new ones that need a new key. The most usual reason for rekeying of locks is when the owner wants to keep the control of the key, when someone is not welcome in the property or there is a change in possession.

get locks rekeyed

Rekeying lets the locksmith check the condition of the lock and the installation method. In fact, while rekeying several problems can be corrected for which a complete replacement of the lock is not really needed. When a rekey is done the locks are generally lubricated. This makes them operate better and smoother. But if any problems arise after that, then maybe the lock needs to be replaced.


These days some manufacturers of locks are coming up with locks that can be rekeyed by the customer himself. The backbone of the lock world used to be the standard pin tumbler kind of locks. But these news locks do not follow the same technique. Now if the customer get locks rekeyed all by himself, it needs to be simpler; something that doesn’t require a complete disassembly. Hence this means more additional and intricate parts. This eventually leads to malfunctions and is easy to bypass as compared to the conventional locks.

The best way to go about it would be to call in the professionals.


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