Why you need to think about Lyft

Driving for Lyft gives a simple and exciting way to earn additional cash in your free time. You will meet new people and increase your connection, kill spare time, and earn loads of additional money that you didn’t earn before. You can simply earn thousands of dollars by simply driving for Lyft, and it’s really worth spending your time. Drivers receive payments on weekly basis through direct deposit, plus get to receive 80 percent of money from riders. Over this, a number of riders give tips to drivers, which basically adds one more extra 20 USD or 30 USD of additional income weekly. In addition, Lyft provides Lyft new driver bonus. Usually, the rides are extremely steady during weekends.

Lyft new driver bonus

You would be amazed how quickly the totals add together… you can really get to earn loads of money during weekends. It is easy to apply for Lyft signing bonus and it takes just a few minutes. You will simply need to follow the process and then you will be capable to get benefit from it.

How Much Is The signing Bonus?

The service have watched personally over the last few years because promos for fresh drivers have gone wavering, based on which town drivers register themselves. These have varied from a stingy 10 USD up to a huge 1,000 USD. Now Lyft has defeated themselves once more, rising the Lyft signing bonus even more to 5000 USD in various towns. The best things about these bonuses for fresh drivers are that you can really redeem it two times; once during registration and more time after you get approved. These bonuses are two sided, which means that the referrer and referee both get benefitted.  Hence, if you refer someone to drive, and he fulfill all the criterion mentioned at registration, then both of you receive a bonus.





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